NeoNoe is something like an artificial life game, in wich the players can create bots (the bestioles), and/or virtual worlds where the bestioles can live (and die...). These bestioles are hosted on the user's computer, and can live in the worlds that are hosted on other user's computers.
The bestiole's IA are designed to be 'pluggable', i.e. once they are written , other players can use them, by coping some files into the dedicated NeoNoe's directory. These IA can be configured with a parameter window, in order to improve their use.
There is two kind of worlds : one can create arenas, where bestioles can participate to a contest. The triggers (rules) permits to specify when a match start and end, and an arbiter can judge wich bestiole is the winner of the match. The second kind of worlds are the domains, wich are parts of a bigger world distributed over Internet. The bestioles can jump from one domains to another, and walk throught them.
The worlds (the active ones or the created but not connected) can be viewed in this web site.
For the moment, NeoNoe is in an 'alpha' version, i.e is still in construction. There are a lot of things to improve in it....

As the aim of this game is to distribute bestioles and worlds on several computers through Internet, the software is written in Java, and should works with many OS platforms.
As you may have noticed, NeoNoe was first developped in French, and its English translation is poor for the moment...